Our refund policy contains explicitly of non-refundable products. SKA Sektionen is not in any way or form liable for your purchase. SKA Sektionen neither holds, distributes nor sells any books by itself. Our tool ”Boktorget” is just a service for SKA students to sell books amongst themselves. SKA Sektionen neither profits nor takes responsibility at any point during the purchase between it’s users of the service Boktorget. This means;

  • The buyer holds the sole responsibility of his/her purchase
  • SKA Sektionen can not be hold accountable for any defect products or in the highly unlikeable chance of being the buyer being scammed
  • SKA Sektionen can not be sued for any disputes between seller and buyer
  • SKA Sektionen can not be held responsible for any disbutes between seller and buyer
  • SKA Sektionen is not responsible for any economical compensation to either seller or buyer incase of a dispute between the seller or buyer 

Shipping returns

SKA Sektionen does not provide a shipping service. Any means of shipping has to be agreed between the seller and buyer. 

In case of returns, Köplagen applies.

Need help?

Contact us at info@skasektionen.nu for questions related to Boktorget.