About EMS Comunity

The EMS Community Is A Study-Social Committee With The REMESO Institute’s Ethnic And Migrations Studies Master’s Programme.

Our values

To promote social connections between students.

To promote the interests and experience of students in the EMS programme.

To engage with social, political and cultural initiatives in Norrköping.

SKA Section <3 EMS

The master students of our EMS programme are our super heroes! So much so that we are dedicated to represent you in everything we do!

This is a work-in-progress, but with communication, dedication and wine, most things usually turns out for the better!

Are you ready to help us improve your time studying in Sweden?

Connect with new friends on Campus Norrköping!

Want to change something? The Section will represent you.

Find activities, organizations and individiduals.

Join in on the fun! How much ”fulvin” can you endure?

Meet your contacts

Felicia Sahlén

Appointed EMS Contact

Sebastian Lundqvist

Appointed EMS Contact

Come hang out with us

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